Monday, April 26, 2010

Ultrasound Pictures

Spinal Cord


Nose & Lips

Baby Face Down


Back side of baby

Baby looks good... Measuring right for the due date... 9ozs, very active little bugger... I get to go back in a month, they couldn't get good pictures of the heart because baby is laying face down and a mover

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Morning Ramblings

Good morning all.... It's storming in Minnesota, DH is still sleeping along with my teenage brother and the house is very quiet and has a wonderful feeling this morning.

We are two days away from seeing our baby and I am very nervous. Because of my extra fluffiness, we are having a level II Ultrasound which is for High Risk Pregnancy. I am bummed to be labeled High Risk but I am hoping that I can get them to change that. My blood pressure has been good. Since my latest band adjustment, my weight gain has stopped and in fact I am losing again. (If the doctor says anything about losing weight, I am gonna hurt someone.) My first Glucose test came back negative for diabetes. The only indication of High Risk at this time is my weight, and my OB had said she wouldn't label my High Risk because of my weight.

All in all my pregnancy is going so much better than I could have asked for. "He" is very active, and I feel him several times a day.

I have a hard time believing how far we came in a year. I spent most of last summer in an utter depression. Everything else in our life has never been easy, why would God do this to us? Now I look at it, we get to choose our child, we had to work harder for our child, but this baby is already so loved, so cared for and so on. If we had it easy, would we really appreciate the miracle that god has entrusted us with? I am not so sure.

I still struggle with the fact (and it is only me) that this baby, although will be 100% my DH's child, that it isn't his biologically. I still mourn over the fact that I will never get to see what our genetic children will look like. This struggle gets less and less everyday and I am hoping that once, Beaker is born, that the thought will never cross my mind again. I am very grateful to DH to jump on the DS wagon so easily and without any hesitation.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I wish I had something exciting to post about....

but I really don't. I am progressing nicely (at least in my book.) I have been nesting quite a bit so we have been cleaning and tossing and donating and cleaning more. My foot has been killing me, I have plantar fasciitis. I love my sandals but they don't love me. We have our "big" anatomy ultrasound in two weeks. Hmmmm.... I will have to try to find something more interesting to post about! SORRY!!!!