Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A New Blogger

Please stop in and say "Hello" to Infertile Myrtle a friend from my FF Zero Sperm Count group. She is starting her blog journey while working through her IVF disappointments.

30 Week Doctor's Appointment

What a morning! Because I failed my one hour glucose screening the first time (12 weeks) and passed my three hour, my ob wanted me to go straight to the three hour. Fine no problem, except that she didn't put the order in. If you all know clinics and I am sure you do, they won't do anything without an order. Finally got the go ahead and it took the dumb tech three differents spots to get my first blood draw. Then came the wonderful sugar drink that you have to drink within 5 minutes. With the lapband and good restriction (think of a small funnel) I can't drink anything that fast and it ended up coming back up. Ack!!!!

So the new plan is, because of my restricted diet (1 cup of food at meal times) we are going to monitor my blood sugar at my appointments. As long as they are were they need to be, she isn't going to worry about making me try to drink that crap. Yeah...

On a side note, she is due in October and unless I go early she won't be delivering me. The chances she would delivery me was 1 in 7 (all the doctors in the clinic take a 24 hour rotation) so it's not a big deal but man what I wouldn't do for a small town doctor at this point.

I get to see baby bear again in 4 weeks when we are going to do another ultrasound to see how big he has gotten.

I also thought it was kinda funny that I just started going to this clinic at the beginning of the year. However, the lab tech remembers me pre-surgery and thought it was great that I had lost a lot of weight. HAHAHA must be a different patient.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Anyone else have this conversation?

My Brain vs. Bladder

My brain seems to be losing this one lately.... I am sure it will only get worse!

Monday, June 14, 2010

What a way to start Monday....

Ok so my mom is going through a nasty divorce, while her live-in boyfriend fixes her house up in hopes to sell. She doesn't have a lot of money and I am fully aware of that. The ONLY thing I wanted from her for this baby was a quilt. She has all the fabric in her stash and I bought the pattern for her. The only thing she has to do is give up her time. I bought the pattern two months ago and she hasn't picked out the fabric yet. This is the quilt that I want to bring the baby home with and it's going to take sometime. Side note: She was going to make a quilt for my nephew that is 18 months now and hasn't even started that one.

Anyways, this morning, she was bemoaning the fact on how hard life is right now and she is just under so much pressure and trying hard not to let herself get down. And I truly try to stay neutral and be there for her. With that in mind, I asked her if she would still have time to do the quilt and if not, let me know and I will make it myself.

This is the response I got:

Evidently, you have some expectations of me that I am not living up to. Unfortunately, since I don't know what those are, I am sure to fail.
I'm not sure what this morning was all about, but I have every intention to make the quilt, and get it done, prior to the baby being born. In fact, my goal was the end of August. I did not realize you wanted it sooner than that, or my not getting it made immediately somehow implies that I'm not excited about the birth.

No worries. The quilt will get done. With what has gone on today, I'm sure receiving it will no longer be a joyous event, but it will be made. In fact, regardless of what else that might need to be done, or how my back and knee feels, I will spend every extra moment that I have at home, working on it, until I can place it safely in your hands. I am so sorry I am such a disappointment both as a mother and grandmother.

According to her last response, this wasn't meant to be mean and hurtful and she is sorry that I took it that way... Ummm yeah, did I totally take this wrong? I don't think so. There are some days where I am really starting to "hate" my mother who use to be my best friend.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Good with the Bad....

Last night we went to pick up a gift for a birthday party last night. At the store, there was a mother bribing her screaming (and I do mean screaming) daughter with bubbles to get her to stop. The little girl wouldn't stop and the mom wouldn't give up. At this point, there was nothing in the cart, and we wondered why you wouldn't take the child out of the store and take her home. Not exactly the most convenient but this little girl could not be consoled. We continued to walk through the store and they basically "followed" us through the store. So as we are trying to find a gift, we are listening to this screaming. Much like the scream technique, I am sooooo not ready to listen to this baby scream and cry. It makes me uncomfortable, not sure why. It's never like I have never been around a crying baby before, heck, I was BB's primary daycare for the first year of his life. Not sure if it is because, SA and I will be 100% responsible for Teddy and we "can't send him home with his parents" or what the deal is. I really hope that I can get over this soon.

As we are leaving, there was another little girl, cute as a button, walking through with her mom. She was getting a cute flower headband and a butterfly net. She was soooo excited because the net "was the biggest she had ever seen." Those moments are the ones that I am ready for. I can't wait to make memories with Teddy. Can't wait to watch him get excited over the little things in life, can't wait for him to experience all his "firsts."

Gotta ;earn to take the good and the bad!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ummmm....Someone forgot to tell me babies were expensive....

I think since we in the infertile land have to pay someone to get us knocked up, we should get a lot of the baby essentials for free! We registered at Tar.get and B.abys R. U.S and all I have to say is "Holy PocketBook Batman"... Ever where we went, they kept telling us to register for stuff that we anticipate needing for several years. We couldn't do it. We really went with what we would need for the first year. SA still feels guilty and greedy about it because there is soooo much stuff that we need. I just hope that we have very generous friends and family, however, in this rough economic times, I really don't know what to expect.