Monday, November 30, 2009

Again with the bad luck....

So this morning when I got up, our main computer had shut it self down overnight. I tried to boot it up so that I could log my BBT on FF. Well the computer told me that it hadn't been shut down properly and asked how I wanted it to boot. It got almost all the way up and shut itself down again. I left SA a message on his cell phone but he didn't have time to check it before he had to leave to take Bandit to MIL's house. He beat me home and the darn thing would not boot to save our lives. In the mean time, I went and got my hair cut and splurged on product not knowing that the computer wasn't even booting now. Needless to say, I was "paniced" when I found out. I just spent $55 and now I was going to have to buy a new computer. NOT A HAPPY CAMPER! After talking to FIL, we decided to go to Micro.Center and see if it could be repaired. The computer gods must have been happy with us because all it was a the power supply and FIL just happened to have a parts computer laying around that we could take the power supply from. YEAH! I finally replaced my external hard drive that crashed this summer and am now rebuilding my i.Tunes library as we speak.

Every time something bad happens and I react so badly, I begin to wonder if I am really cut out for this whole mom thing. I don't react well to stressful situations, I always expect the worst and get so pessimistic and bitchy that I can't even stand myself. Something to work on I guess.

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