Thursday, July 1, 2010

I feel bad for SA

Soooo SA and I have agreed from the very beginning that the baby will know that he came from DS. We aren't going to make a big deal about it and the DS will NEVER be referred to as a father parent or anything remotely close. He will always be known as the DS. We were also going to make sure whatever information we had on the DS would be made availabe to the baby. Since I am scrapbooking the baby's baby book, I included a simple two pages that included the childhood photo, the silouhette, the medical profile and the personal profile. No titles no nothing. I told SA about the page and he was upset all of sudden. Now no one outside our immediate family and a few of my close friends know about DS. Apparently the guys at his work have been giving him a hard time, asking him if he was sure the kid was his. It's a guy thing but seriously, why in the hell would you ask someone that. Now because of these assholes, he is not sure what he wants to do. UGH! I think not being able to feel the baby makes it a little more difficult. Whenever he comes running to feel the baby, of course its nap time and the show is over. Hopefully once the baby gets here, this too will change but it makes me worry a titch.


  1. That does sound like a complicated situation and people can just be cruel. They talk before thinking and all it does it makes others feel bad. When that baby gets here there will be so much love that I hope any of the tension you two are feeling now will just not be all that important anymore. Keep good thoughts that it will all be all right.

  2. Hang in there. I wish there were some other words of wisdom that I could offer, but having never been down that particular road, all I can do is say, that I hope everything will work out and it will all be okay. Sending you both big hugs.