Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Got to see Beaker today

and boy has he grown! The OB couldn't find the heart beat using the doppler (too much fluff for that little heart beat to get through) so she decided to do an impromptu ultrasound. Got to see his heartbeat and a little leg. The first thing out of my mouth was that he looked like a little kimono dragon and SA agreed. He is measuring 11 weeks and since we know by DS IUI that he is 10wks 3 days, we know that he is growing ahead of schedule!

Because of my rapid weight gain, she is going to have me do the gestational diabetes test at 12 weeks. If I pass I am good until 24 weeks and she thinks I will pass without any problems but she just wants to be sure. She however seems to think that majority of my weight gain is water and not actual weight. I am guessing that she just doesn't understand weight loss surgery patients which is fine, its not her job too. She just wants to make sure that when I get a fill, that we aren't restricting my calories so much that I can't get enough nutrients for beaker.

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