Monday, May 24, 2010

Today we have our 5th Ultrasound...

Our 2nd big one where we can find out gender. Up until recently we have been pretty adamant about not finding out. After this weekend, not so sure. We tried shopping for gender neutral stuff at garage sales and Onc.e Up.on A Chi.ld and it was hard. It's either boy stuff or girl stuff. As SA said, "in the olden days" when no one found out what they were having, it was much easier. So I think we may cave and find out today.


  1. I couldn't imagine not finding out!!! Most gender neutral stuff looks too boyish to me. Hope that the ultrasound goes well and that you get a good look at the gender.....if you wanna know!!!

  2. I wouldnt be able to hold out!!! Good luck with whatever you decide!