Friday, February 12, 2010

One of my fears...

is that my migraines would remain or get worse with pregnancy is coming true. I have been home sick two days now with a migraine that over the counter T.ylenol won't touch. I left a message for my doctor this am around 8:30 who got back to me around noon saying that they were going to call in a prescription for T.ylenol with Code.ine. Wal.greens still hadn't called me by 3:30p so I called them and they hadn't received the prescription yet. (2nd time this has happened with this location in a month's time.) Called the doctor back and they re-called the prescription and finally got to take a pill 9.5 hours after I called the doctor.

I was worried before we got pregnant about the headaches as I am prevalent to them anyways. I see my chiro once a month and I wonder if I should bump that up over the next few months. I would really prefer not to have to take prescriptions but that it what it seems what its going to be!


  1. Where are your migraines at? Do they start at the base of the skull? If they are at all in the neck or base of the skull then I would get your neck adjusted along with some soft tissue massage..if he/she does that.

  2. They do and I do. Sometimes it helps and sometimes it makes it worse! I am a firm believer in Chiro - didn't use to be but was after my car accident. So "Thank You!" for all you Chiros do!!!