Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pee, Weight Gain, Clothes & Headaches

I got to pee in a cup today to confirm I am pregnant! Hahaha... They wouldn't listen to me that I have already had an ultrasound and heard the heartbeat. I suppose to make sure I am not having a phantom pregnancy since the two clinics haven't totally communicated yet. They confirmed via scale that I am gaining weight at an alarming weight. But she promised they wouldn't yell at me since I already now how to calorie count, how to eat properly and as she put it, I was doing enough yelling for everyone.

I see the bariatric surgeon in two weeks so if I can keep the weight gain consistent at 5lbs a week, hopefully, I can get some restriction and drop 500 calories a day from my diet.

I am at 9.5 weeks already moving into maternity clothes. I found that my top is still small enough that I can wear normal maternity tops but my bottom half is expanding and need to go into a pants size that no one carries in the store. So for now I just went to a plus size store and bought stretchy pants until it is warm enough to get capris to carry me through the summer and the end of the pregnancy.

Today was my second PT appointment for my headaches. Apparently my neck is very guarded and tight and could be the issue behind the day to day headaches. They have me doing some stretching on my own and then they are doing soft tissue massage. It seems to be working in combo with my chiro. I was headache free for three days over the weekend. So this should get me through until Thursday.

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