Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Uggg! This is ridiculous....

Two plus years ago, I had lapband surgery and lost 170+ lbs. Even with that weight loss I am still morbidly obese and thought carefully about getting pregnant at this size and spoke to my OB, my GP and my surgeon before we did any attempts. They all said to continue to lose weight before you get pregnant but we don't see you as high risk at this time.

Timeline - Jan 5 - Feb 2 Lost 10 pounds during my first six weeks of pregnancy. Yeah me!

Feb 2 - Morning Sickness has started, can't get water or food down and have nighttime acid. See surgeon get half of the fluid removed from my bad. Surgeon recommended eating about 2000 calories a day.

Feb 3 - Present - Sticking at 2000 - 2500 Calories a day and I have gained 15lbs. IN TWO FREAKING WEEKS!!!! Granted some of it is water retention but there is no way that I have eaten enough calories to gain this much weight.

Because I am morbidly obese I am suppose to gain 10-15 pounds over the entire pregnancy. I have already gained that and can't gain anymore? WTF am I going to do for the next 31.5 weeks?

I journal my foods every day via spark. SA and I are walking every day. Someone please talk me down off this ledge as SA isn't prepared to handle this!!!

Edit: Ok so I am reading an Eating Well When Book and this makes me feel a titch better: "Some overweight women who are chronic dieters or who lost a substantial amount of weight close to becoming pregnant may actually gain excessive amounts of weight during pregnancy, even if they don't overeat. Some experts speculate that a body that's been through a recent weight loss may feel "starved" and may overcompensate during pregnancy for that earlier loss of fat by piling on the pounds." So I can be doing what I am suppose to but my body says "F You" anyways????

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