Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Good with the Bad....

Last night we went to pick up a gift for a birthday party last night. At the store, there was a mother bribing her screaming (and I do mean screaming) daughter with bubbles to get her to stop. The little girl wouldn't stop and the mom wouldn't give up. At this point, there was nothing in the cart, and we wondered why you wouldn't take the child out of the store and take her home. Not exactly the most convenient but this little girl could not be consoled. We continued to walk through the store and they basically "followed" us through the store. So as we are trying to find a gift, we are listening to this screaming. Much like the scream technique, I am sooooo not ready to listen to this baby scream and cry. It makes me uncomfortable, not sure why. It's never like I have never been around a crying baby before, heck, I was BB's primary daycare for the first year of his life. Not sure if it is because, SA and I will be 100% responsible for Teddy and we "can't send him home with his parents" or what the deal is. I really hope that I can get over this soon.

As we are leaving, there was another little girl, cute as a button, walking through with her mom. She was getting a cute flower headband and a butterfly net. She was soooo excited because the net "was the biggest she had ever seen." Those moments are the ones that I am ready for. I can't wait to make memories with Teddy. Can't wait to watch him get excited over the little things in life, can't wait for him to experience all his "firsts."

Gotta ;earn to take the good and the bad!

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