Thursday, January 13, 2011

I have lost my husband....

to a stupid game. I am sure you can all guess but just in case you can't.... Bl.ac.k O.ps... Ugh, thank goodness he at least waits until after dinner and Teddy is in bed but still. I walk out of the nursery and I get, "I am going to play my game." Should I demand that he pay attention to me? Should I demand that he do something around the house? Should I demand that he start to help me pack?

Whenever I go to bed, I always say "I love you" and "Don't stay up too late." and I get, just going to play one more game. Two hours later, he still hasn't come to bed. I was exhausted last night and asked him to do my pumping dishes which he said that he would. Got up this morning at 4:30a like normal and there were my dirty dishes.

I wanted to go get him up and yell at him. Instead I did the "mature" thing and made a lot of noise as I was getting ready in the same room that he was sleeping. (Okay not so "mature" but it was more mature than getting him up.)

Do any of you lose your husband to something like this?

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  1. Hmm..not my husband, but my boyfriend in University. My god, he was completely addicted. Like a zombie when I tried to talk to him. Thankfully, it died down, but it took several months. His grades started to suffer, his room was a mess, he hardly went out. I couldn't believe how much of an actual addition it was! Maybe the novelty of it will wear off soon...I hope :)