Monday, January 10, 2011

Missing in Action

Hi all! I still check on you daily just a little hard to post right now. The last month has been crazy. We found out Teddy has VUR (Urine Reflux) and that caused a UTI which caused a very high fever. They think he will grow out of it but he has to be on daily antibiotics to help prevent UTI's. We have all been fighting colds in amongst the holidays along with the death of SA's grandmother and mine being diagnosed with Colan Cancer and having surgery. Things have somewhat settled down for us to realize other than having our mobile home foreclosed on, there is no way out for us. It needs about $7-10K worth of repairs that popped up over the last couple of weeks and we would already be taking at $7K loss on the house and we just can't afford to do it. This means that we are going to voluntarily give up our home and move in with SA's parents until they retire and then we can rent their home from them. I am not excited about this prospect because we have worked so hard but at some point we are going to have throw in the towel. SA found mold behind the water heater and with a "sick" as Teddy has been, neither one of us are willing to risk his health for our financial betterness. I am very sad and on the verge of depression at this point but trying to keep my head up. We have each other and our beautiful son, it doesn't matter where we live as long as our little family is together.

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