Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A little Better

I feel a little better and not so "depressed" after "coming out" of the foreclosure closet. This was by all means not an easy decision for us to make. We are both in our mid-thirities and in a few short months will not have a home to show for it. However, we will have a roof over our head, a beautiful son and our little family will be together. After that what could a girl ask for.

In the meantime, I have started back to We.ight Wa.tchers to help the weightloss. I had gastric banding surgery three years ago and it was instrumental in helping me lose weight. With breastfeeding however, if I have to much restriction, my supply tanks and I really don't want Teddy to have formula. So, in combination with the lapband, I figured that getting back to a program will help me relearn good eating habits and hopefully get some of this weight back off.

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