Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 12 - Something that I am OCD about

As maternity leave draws closer, we have had to hire a temp to replace me for my 12 weeks. She started last week so that we could give her 6 weeks of "me" time. I am OCD about my job. I created this job and I am the only one that has done it for two years with others covering for me partially while I am out here and there. I have to trust this temp with my job and not to f*ck anything up while I am gone. Can I just tell you how hard this is for me? I like things done a certain way and that is the "only" way to do it. Don't do it how you think it should be done, do it how I want you to do it. UGH! 5 more weeks of watching this chick and having my eye twitch.

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