Thursday, August 5, 2010

More Mamma Drama....

Not sure if I posted this or not but my mom is getting a divorce. I didn't particularly like her soon to be ex husband but the day he moved out the boyfriend moved in. Don't agree with it but have had to learn to accept it. The boyfriend is unemployed and has been for quite sometime. So she has had to support a house she can't pay for, BB (15 year old brother) and the boyfriend. Money has been tight for her and we have tried to help out where we can. I have my first baby shower this weekend and she is invited. She told me last week that she wasn't sure what kind of money she would have to buy me a gift so she was wondering if I could bring the quilt that she made for the baby. I told her that I already planned on it. Come to find out, she bought herself a fricking i.pad for her birthday. Those f'ing things start at $499! On top of this her boyfriend has the nerve to ask us to go out to dinner for her birthday but he can only afford to pay for himself and her and asked if we could pay for BB.

I am so angry and hurt right now!

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