Monday, December 14, 2009

19 Days and Counting....

Until we have our first and hopefully only DIUI. For those who don't know what DIUI, it is artificial insemination that is placed in my uterus for conception. SA was diagnosed with azoospermia this fall, which means he produces zero, nada, zilch sperm. It was quite devastating for us to get the news but SA being the wonderful man that his, picked us both of the floor and said lets go for donor sperm. Not a cheap route ($1000 per cycle for the doctor plus $300-$600 for the sperm) but worth every penny. We have the complete support of our parents who can't wait to be grandparents next year. We started this count down in October and thought that getting to the tweens would never get here. Yet here we are just a mere 19 days (give a day or two) away from doing the insemination.

We met with an RE (well his nurse anyways) and determined through blood work and a HSG that there isn't anything wrong with me at this time. We will do three unmedicated cycles as if you aren't pregnant by your fourth cycle without any help, chances are you won't be. There is a 25% per cycle that we can get pregnant and no one cycle is better than the other. I will chart my temperatures and use OPK to determine when I am going to ovulate. Once we get an OPK+ then I will call and make an appointment for the next day for insemination.

Our DS (donor sperm) is already waiting at the clinic for us. I am excited and very scared at the same time. We will tell our children some day about how they came to be but will they understand, will they want to meet the man who donated (who is unknown to all of us), will they ever look at Scott and say that he isn't their father, will I be haunted by the procedure, will Scott change his mind somewhere down the road?

One day at a time? 19 more days and counting!

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