Thursday, December 10, 2009

And we return to our regularily scheduled drama....

First of all SA has a hemorroid that is bleeding and it is freaking him out. So much that he thinks he has cancer. Whatever dude! I had to schedule a doctor's appointment right away. My little revenge (not that I had much choice) is that he has to see a female nurse practitioner. I know not very nice but give me a break.

Second drama for the day, my mom is in the process of getting a divorce and her husband moved out of their house three days ago. Guess what, the new boyfriend is all set to move in. I watched the men come and go growing up and had really hoped that she had moved beyond that as she got older. Guess not! I feel really bad for BB becuase he has to watch and deal with the same things I did. The ignoring because the boyfriend is so much more important than the rest of us.

8-10 weeks ago, I couldn't get a weekend away from my mom. Now I can't even get an evening dinner with her.

BB had his winter concert tonight and guess who was there. "The Boyfriend" and she had no plans to tell me. Really? You think just springing this on me is going to make me accept this person into my life any sooner. Don't think so, I will on my own time and desire. Until then, don't push him on me.

Ugghhh! It really stinks when your 53 year old mother is acting like a teenager again. What is really sad is that I am really going to need her in the next few months as we start our DIUI and she won't be there.

Good thing I have other people that surround me with love and care!

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