Monday, December 28, 2009


Can we say cranky today? Like raging biatch, cranky and I am not even PMSing. WTF? I couldn't even stand myself. Not sure if is the looming "1st" insemination and the whole timing, or if it is the whole mother thing or if it is the whole money thing? Or how about a combination of all the above? How about the fact that I didn't make it through new mo.on and dreamt about it all night long? How about the fact that I want to get my Christmas quilt finished before we put the Christmas stuff away this weekend? Ugh.... Or how about the fact that I have to work four days this week? Ok enough ranting, as one of my friends told me, at least I have a job!

On DSIUI note.... I am starting to do the OPK test this week. Today was negative.... Thank goodness. As long as they stay negative through Friday, we will be just fine. I am really holding out for a + on Saturday so SA can go with me at least for the first time.

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