Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Meme (I wasn't tagged but thought this was a cool idea!)

The Rules:

1. Copy and paste the meme from the person that tagged you.

2. Run a Google image search on your answer to the question.

3. Choose a relevant image that suits your taste and needs.

4. Add a description.

5. Tag four innocent bystanders to pass the damn thing on, and leave a comment on their blog so they know what's up.

6. Have fun!

And we're off!!

Place I was Born:

Walter Reed Hospital - Washington D.C.

Place I Grew Up:

All Over the Place

Place I live Now:

New Brighton MN

High School Mascot:

Roseville Raider

University I Attended:

Didn't go to a University but instead to a community college

Favorite Wild Animal:

Tasmanian Devil of Course

Favorite Vacation Spot:

Vegas Baby Vegas

Favorite Sports Team:

Skol Vikings!!!

Favorite Movie:

Chick Flicks!!!!!

My Age Right Now:


My Hobby:

Quilting, duh!!!!

My Favorite Color:


My Favorite Song:

It happens to be whatever shows up on my i.pod

My Favorite Book:

Wish I could say whatever is on my k.indle but that isn't going to happen anytime soon! So I will say, The Sha.ck

My Favorite Clothing Brand:

Whatever fits!

My Job or Career:

Approving Condominiums for conventional loans.

My Favorite Television Show!

Reality TV Junkie!!!

My Addiction:

HoHo Mint Mocha

My Weakness:

See above? How about Shopping!!

My Favorite Food:


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