Thursday, December 3, 2009

Does anyone else every wonder....

If the timing is just not right to try to get pregnant? SA was diagnosed this fall with azoospermia. The nearest we can tell his body does not produce sperm. We could do a testicular biopsy but would be taking out tissue that produces testosterone (which he doesn't produce enough already) for nothing. IVF isn't an option for us just because of shear cost. We are suppose to start artificial insemination in January and the swimmers are waiting for us at the RE's office. However, with everything we have had going on, I am really scared to try to get pregnant right now. It will cost us $1000 a cycle and that doesn't include the sperm. We have that covered with the Flex Spending Account but after three cycles, the RE kicks in with medication which could cost us more and we don't have that. I would hate to get this far only to be disappointed that we couldn't get pregnant and not afford to go further. Does the unknown cost keep us from moving foward? Only time will tell I guess.

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