Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bandit has it soooo bad!

Ok so for anyone who doesn't know (and that would be most anyone who reads this blog) that we are not suppose to have a puppy where we live. SA has always wanted a dog, loves dogs, grew up with dogs etc. When a Shiz Tzu puppy became available on Crai.gs L.ist for a reasonable price, SA jumped on it with my blessing. I mean come on, how much trouble can a 10lb dog be to train to potty on a mat. Well fast foward to 35lbs, more like a tibetan terrior, and a dog who refuses to go indoors (thank goodness) and you have Bandit. We love him to pieces and he spends most of his time at our in-laws but he does have to come home one night a week and on the weekends. He comes in and out of our house (not in plain sight) and gets to go to the bathroom all he wants. Where he has it so bad is the fact that when we are waiting for SA to get home, he has to stay in the bedroom so that he doesn't go racing to the door. He is now in the bedroom, whining pathetically to be let out. Love the little bugger but he really doesn't have it that bad!

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