Friday, January 15, 2010

Safely in Missouri....

for a few days. We had one more free round trip airline ticket that needed to be used up and the trip was planned before we got our BFP. I took another test this am and the 2nd line (although still faint) was still there so yesterday wasn't a fluke. I will do another test tomorrow morning and then call the RE for lab work. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night starving, so much so it was painful. However, with the lapband I can't eat and then back down. All I could do was reposition myself and hope that it did go away, which it did eventually.

Wheresmystork, I tried to comment on your husband question and it wouldn't let me so I will answer it here. My husband has been very stoic through all of this. He was diagnosed with azoospermia this summer and was the first one to say, then we will do donor sperm. I wasn't quite ready at that point but have obviously gotten there. He is still being stoic. He isn't ready to get excited about the BFP until we go in for the beta, because he will have to pick up the pieces if something happens. For about the first 24 hours of the azoospermia diagnosis he was down but that didn't last long because he had to pick up "my pieces." Have I seen him tear up, yes, when we watched the Marley movie but he tends to be my rock.

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  1. Sorry that you werent able to comment on my page...i'll have to check into that!?!?

    Thanks for responding. It sounds like he is pretty guarded with his emotions. That can definitely be good when you have to go through all this IF stuff. My husband has a really low sperm count. He never really got down about it...except he has made comments about it being his fault..and how his swimmers suck. I have PCOS....so I just tell him that we are equally to blame...and that we will get through it.

    I have been thinking alot about you and your faint BFP. It sounds like it is good news for you!! Good luck!