Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's so hard.....

Not to sike myself out... Every little bit of heartburn, every little bit of cramping, every little bit of headache... Ohhhh wait I must be pregnant, oh wait it's still to early. Don't think I haven't tested, which is entirely stupid to have tested 4x before 7dpo. All negative of course but then I expected that. I was hoping that they would make the symptoms disappear. They do, for about a day and then they come back. Just hope that these are good signs. One sign that I haven't seen and should be seeing soon is if the band gets tight. It always gets tight with AF and makes it hard to eat. (Not such a bad thing when you are trying to lose weight). So far that wonderful AF symptom has stayed away. I am out of HPT tests so I will have to go buy more before I can test again. Wonder if I can hold out until Thursday am, when I would expect AF to show?

Spoke too soon! The band is very tight this morning!

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