Monday, January 4, 2010

Gotta love families....

SA's grandma had her 2nd stroke after the New Year and thank goodness it wasn't nearly has severe as the first one. Some neighbor found her walking the hallways and called my MIL. We saw her yesterday, she can't walk by herself, has trouble remembering her words and slurs a little bit when she gets tired. All to be expected after a stroke, but she can still read and she is pretty clear after she rests a bit.

SA's biatch cousin, whom we haven't seen since before our wedding reception 5.5 years ago (long story) showed up while we were there. Didn't say hello to us, wouldn't make eye contact, etc. The aura in the room instantly changed as soon as she walked in. MIL had to leave the room but SA and I stayed because neither one of us had a good feeling. Becky chose her words very carefully while we were there and even while the social worker was there. The coward that she is, waited until everyone left and then proceeded to berate grandma who happens to be 87 years old. The yelling escalated so much that the nurse had to step in the room to find out what the hell was going on.

This is a woman who is recovering from her 2nd stroke, heart valves are failing, contemplating a pacemaker and is getting yelled at by a granddaughter who didn't have the time of day for 4-5 years until she gained some sembalence of a conscious.

Becky also had the nerve to tell grandma that her youngest son just lost his job and was on the verge of suicide. Only partially right. What is she going to tell her next that her oldest great grandchild is in jail for statutory rape? Will this woman stop at anything to kill her grandmother?

Thank goodness, my MIL is still with her and won't leave her with Becky again!

On a side note, my MIL wants to tell grandma that we are pregnant (even though we aren't officially) to give her some good news and give her something to look forward to. Uhhhh, gee thanks for the pressure!

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