Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Beta is back

and I am officially pregnant with a beta of 562 at 16DPIUI! I am super happy at that part but the bummer part is that my progesterone was at 8.7. The normal ranges that I have found are between 9-200. I am going to be taking an oral progesterone and using it vaginally twice a day. Not too excited about it but I will do anything at this point to make sure we get to keep Beaker. Now if the prescription could just get called in so I can start it tonight like I am suppose to, I would be a happy camper.

On a funny note... SA was soooo funny today. He kept calling me asking if the clinic had called me. He was just bouncing. He can't wait to tell people which I am a little nervous about especially with the low progesterone.

Our first pregnancy ultrasound is scheduled for February 9. Only three more weeks!!!

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