Monday, January 11, 2010


the heartburn is back again today, along with a new canker sore (I NEVER get them) and the band is tight again this afternoon. I broke down and tested again this afternoon and of course it was negative. (9DPO) What I am beginning to wonder (giving me a small glimmer of hope) is if I have a hard time with catching the LH on the OPK, I wonder if the hCG would have a hard time showing this early (if I were indeed pregnant.) I know it's still early for any pregnancy but just something to make you go hmmmmm...

FF has my pregnancy points at 55, so I guess I have a 55% chance of being pregnant this cycle at this point! Hahaha, I could have told you that! Either you are or you aren't which gives you 50%.

Why do we do this to ourselves?

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  1. You are testing way too early girly! Put down the pee sticks!! haha
    I always hear of women getting positives starting on 11dpo-15dpo.

    ...FYI when I did my last IVF I was testing at 5dp3dt...hehe....it is so hard not to test.
    I am rooting for you!!