Saturday, January 2, 2010

We did it!

I made it through the first IUI. The sperm was 27.5 million post wash which is excellent for frozen sperm. I did find out that I have a curved cervix and was being quite difficult. So much so that she had to grab a devise to try to stabilize it. It hurt the first time she tried to put it in. But once the nurse started over again she didn't need to use it. The CM was plentiful which is good because we got the timing right.

Now for the TWW. I barely made it two hours before I was going stir crazy. Took BB to see a movie and then back home again. I had some mild cramping about 6 hours later but that has since gone away too.

On a sad note, SA's grandma had another stroke today and the family is up in arms on her care from here.

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