Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Birth Story - Way Delayed - Part 1

I was just reading a birth story and realized that I never posted mine from 2 months ago. Yep that's right, Teddy Bear entered our life just 2 short months ago. Here we go...

My blood pressure had been playing games with me and I had been to labor and delivery several times, only to be told, that I am not sick enough for them to induce me, the last time being the Saturday before Labor and Delivery. They finally decided that at 37 weeks, I should get an amniocentesis to see if Teddy's lungs were fully developed and it was scheduled for the Saturday after Labor Day. SA had to work and I didn't want to go alone, so my mom agreed to come along with me.

Before they could do the amniocentesis, they did a stress test where they measure the baby's movements and amniotic fluid and rate baby and I on a scale of 10. When they went to measure the amniotic fluid, there wasn't enough for them to be able to do the amniocentesis and I failed the test. We were finally "sick" enough to get the show on the road. Mom and I were immediatley sent over to Labor and Delivery.

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