Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Glad to be home....

What a long weekend and we are so glad to be home and back to our schedule. We are starting test runs for the next couple of days before I return to work. (I may have to start back Thursday rather than Friday because I lost a day of vacation.) So after I get up and do my thing, I am technically gone and unavailable to help with Teddy until after Scott leaves for work. It will be interesting to see what Scott does with Teddy and how they do together.

I am going to miss those first morning feedings. That is when Teddy is the most happiest and most vocal. He makes little piggy noises when he eats his bottle and it totally cracks me up.

We go for our two month appointment today and get our shots. I am sure it will be just as hard on me as it is on him!

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