Friday, November 26, 2010


I am pretty proud of myself, I have been successfull pumping for 11 weeks now. Looking at on-line groups on FF, most people say that pumping is such hard work. I don't see it as hard-work (a little tedious at times.) Heck, while I am at work, it is a good excuse to get up from my desk for 20 minutes. Granted the mother's room isn't the nicest or cleanest but.... I get to watch Tudors at work 40 minutes a day. Who else can say that??? I try to pump 5x a day...

5:00a when I get up for the day
9:00a first pump at work
1:00p second pump at work
5:00p when I get home for the day
10:00 right before bed

On the weekends, I pump when Teddy gets up for his nighttime bottle instead of 5:00a. This allows me to sleep a little longer which is sooooo needed.

This allows me to give Teddy 6 - 4oz bottles a day plus 6-12 oz to go into the huge freezer stash. I am hoping to be able continue this until Teddy is 9 months!

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